Get to Know Jett Real Estate & Development

Providing unparalleled construction services in Lockport, NY

Jett Real Estate and Development LLC was formed in 2022 by Jason Lebrenz. My mission is to exceed customer expectations when it comes to quality and reliable construction services in Lockport, NY. When I started this line of work as laborers, I became inspired by seeing older generations of master carpenters utilize amazing craftsmanship. This led me to become extremely passionate about my work, which drove me to start this company. I am committed to providing unsurpassed construction services while growing my reputation with every single customer.

The Owner

Jason Lebrenz

On a job site one day, Jason thought of what he would and wouldn't do as company owner. These thoughts quickly turned into reality when he decided to go out on his own. Now, this company delivers superior construction and home remodeling services with world-class customer service.